Simms Creek Stewards Project

by | Feb 29, 2012 | 2012, Media/News, Projects

Summer 2008

The Simms Creek Stewards completed a project to add spawning gravel to Simms Creek downstream from the counting fence location to just upstream of the highway bridge. CRSF and the Campbell River Community Foundation were partners

We had noticed in previous years that chinook salmon would attempt to spawn in the area, so we thought that if we could enhance this area the creek might become more productive.

the scope of the project was to add gravel to the creek bed overall a length of about 35 yards and we estimated that 40 yards of gravel would be required. We also included improvements to a small weir at the downstream end of the graveled area and addition of some shot rock pieces along its length; these two items intended to help maintain the gravel in position.

With funds from the Campbell River salmon Foundation we were able to purchase the required gravel, shot rock and machine (Bobcat and excavator) time. Volunteer labour was used initially to seine the work area clear of juvenile coho and then to distribute gravel to places in the creek where the equipment could not reach.