Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society Drew Creek Project

by | Jan 21, 2021 | 2020, Campbell River, Projects

The objectives of the works continues to be to complex the stream (increase meandering and pool numbers and depth), remove silts from the native spawning beds and to create instream protective cover for both juvenile fish and spawning chum salmon.

Instream works took place during the last week of July 2020 in the lower reach of Drew Creek adjacent to Heriot Bay Road and the We Wai Kai Campground.

 In preparation for the works commencement, a load of clean 0.3 to 0.5 m round rock was delivered to site, drilled and cables epoxyed into each. As well, a dozen fir rootwads were delivered to site. Finally, 3 passes were made with gee traps to remove juvenile fish from the area. These fish were held upstream. Traps typically collected coho fry, juvenile cutthroat and sculpin.

Actual instream works were completed in three days utilizing 5 volunteers and a skidder, winch and blocks. In order to enhance their effectiveness, several of the 2019 structures were modified or relocated. This included adding both rootwads and rock to each. Three new wood and rock structures were also created. Additionally at one site a log was tucked snug to the shoreline and anchored in place with rock. At another site the shoreline was rock armored. In both cases the objective was to reduce bank scour.

All sites will be regularly monitored and photographed on an on-going basis in order to evaluate their effectiveness.

Two articles have been submitted to our local newspapers the past year outlining the works that have been done and the new trail creation.

Incidentally, the new trail system, bridge and signage that were installed in 2019 have been a huge success.  QISES members have had many compliments over the past year regarding the works both from locals and the many visitors at the campground. CSRF have been acknowledged both in the signage and media articles.