More Gravel for Chinook, Steelhead

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Published: July 31, 2009

With the Campbell down at record low flows, it’s a good time to top up its spawning gravel supply.

Starting this week and continuing to August 10, the Campbell River Salmon Foundation (CRSF), with funding from BC Hydro’s Bridge Coastal Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program (BCRP), will be placing another 2,000 cubic meters of spawning gravel in the upper Campbell to restore historic chinook spawning beds. The gravel will be placed in an area of the river between the upper island (First Island) and the old John Hart office. Organizers hope the additional gravel will support 150 to 200 pairs of returning adults.

The gravel will also benefit the popular summer run steelhead run in the river.

Due to safety concerns, access to the river upstream of the project for swimming, tubing and kayaking will be restricted during the work. The Canyon View Trail will remain open but users will be re-routed to the John Hart Generating Station road around the worksite.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, call CRSF chair Mike Gage at 250-287-4368; Fisheries and Oceans biologist Shannon Anderson at 250-286-5807; or Northwest Hydraulics Consultants engineer Graham Hill at 250-758-6425.

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